Tamarind home belongs to the Signature Homes of the project Karen Hills in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi.  This villa is meant to be placed on the relatively flat plot with minimal view to surrounding forests and greenery. Therefore there had to be found another added value to the house. The inspiration came from Kenyan impressive nature which lead to creating an inner garden in the heart of the villa. Structure and shape of the villa is intentionally simple so the roof could withstand heavy seasonal rains. Tamarind home was executed for international real estate company Lordship Africa.


Interior of this villa is inspired by Kenyan culture its temperament and passionate expression. Seemingly cold green inner garden is balanced with reddish shades of wood but also textiles and decorations. This villa represents current life-styles of modern Kenyans who still are still proud of their roots but like to be surrounded by luxurious environment. Materials such as velvet, fur and sparkling details evoke that one lives in a castle. 

161201_tamarind_cam teracce_kitchen
161201_tamarind_cam teracce_final
161201_tamarind_cam teracce_entrance
161201_tamarind_cam living_final
161201_tamarind_cam dinning_final
161201_tamarind_cam corner_final
161201_tamarind_cam bath_final
161201_tamarind_cam back_final